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Regimental Band of the Royal Welsh played in Forum Iulii

Last night around 6pm my English Rose and I took our crew to Forum iulli - Cividale del Friuli (FVG) - to see the show of the Regimental Band of the Royal Welsh.

 Band parade

The band is the last surviving all brass band left within British Army Music and on many outside engagements the band is enhanced by the presence of The Corps of Drums of the Royal Welsh Regiment who, with their own inimitable style and expertise, always add the final polish to any performance.

An immaculate marching band adding colour and spectacle to any event. (108.59kb)

Our boys were very excited and they marched behind them proudly holding the Union Jack. Bless them.

The Band of the Royal Welsh Regiment together with the Corps of Drums (South) is based at Raglan Barracks, Newport with the Corps of Drums (North) based in Wrexham.

More about the Corps of Drums here.

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